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The Commonwealth Group harnesses the collective power of a nationwide network of Plumbing/PVF, HVAC, Waterworks, and Irrigation wholesalers. Our strength lies in the core values of integrity, honesty, professionalism, responsibility, and leadership, which define our community of top-tier wholesalers.

Benefits of being a TCG Member

As a TCG member, you'll have access to a wide array of invaluable benefits from cutting-edge technology solutions to lucrative rebate programs to exclusive partnerships with industry-leading vendors and robust networking opportunities. The advantages of joining this premier, member-owned group extend far and wide. TCG will elevate your business with…

Financial & Rebates

TCG members enjoy substantial financial benefits through exclusive rebate programs with our extensive network of trusted suppliers. These rebates are a direct boost to your bottom line and will level the playing field as you compete with the “big box” stores.

Industry-Leading Vendors

Our vendor relationships are second to none. We partner exclusively with the finest companies, offering access to exceptional sales development programs and promotions exclusive to TCG. These partnerships will enhance your business and provide a competitive edge in the industry.

Meetings & Networking

TCG meetings are networking events where connections and insights thrive. These gatherings provide the ideal platform for meaningful interactions and collaborative growth. Join us to expand your network, exchange ideas, and stay ahead in the industry.

Education & Training

We understand the importance of continuous learning and growth. That's why we offer comprehensive product education and training opportunities for your team members. Our goal is to empower your best assets with the knowledge and skills required to excel in our industry.

Service Providers

Within our network of trusted service providers, essential solutions such as e-commerce support, streamlined credit card processing and top-tier ERP systems are readily available to empower our members' success.

Benchmarking & Analytics

At TCG, we empower our members with valuable insights through industry benchmarking and group analytics. Access to these tools allows our members to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Curious about becoming a TCG member?

If you're ready to explore the benefits of TCG membership, contact us today and embark on your path to success with us.


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